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Tax Laws for Claiming Dependents on Your Tax Return - Tax Planning
Rules for claiming children and relatives as dependents. By William Perez ... Persons who are dependents are treated as not being eligible to claim dependents.
About Dependents - Tax Planning - About.com
Directory of content on About.com relating to the topic of dependents.
How the IRS Audits Tax Returns Claiming Same Dependent
The computer systems that process tax returns screen for duplicate dependents. The second tax return filed that uses the same Social Security Number for a ...
US Military Enlistment Standards -- Dependents
The military has regulations that actually *REQUIRE* you to provide adequate financial support for your dependents. Because of this, the military limits the ...
Can Two Taxpayers Claim the Same Dependent? - Tax Planning
Splitting the tax benefits of dependents between two taxpayers. By William Perez · Tax Planning: U.S. Expert. Share this. Young couple sitting at breakfast table, ...
IRS Tiebreaker Rules for Claiming Dependents - Single Parents
Claiming dependents for tax purposes can be confusing, especially for parents who share physical custody. Find out how the IRS resolves tiebreaker situations ...
Dependents, Head of Household, and Earned Income Credit
Jan 24, 2012 ... People often ask me about whether they can claim dependents, whether they qualify for the head of household filing status, and whether they ...
Claiming Dependents: Complications in the New Tax Law
Jan 24, 2006 ... Starting with tax year 2005, there are new rules for claiming dependents. This has caused a lot of confusion among tax professionals and ...
What Is the Tie Breaker Test for Claiming Dependents? Video
Tie breaker test for claiming dependents like qualifying children is important to understand to file taxes correctly. Watch this About.com video to learn what ...
Tips for Resolving Disputes over Dependents
Jan 24, 2012 ... Let's see how this works with a real life example I found in comment #176 of a previous blog post about dependents. The situation is this: there ...
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