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How to Plan for Self-Employment Tax - Taxes - About.com
The Self-Employment Tax is how an independent contractor pays Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes. In the case of employees, the employer and ...
Tax Treatment of Self-Employment Income - Taxes - About.com
Self-employed persons also incur expenses related to their work, and such business-related expenses directly reduce the amount of self-employed income that ...
Year End Tax Planning Ideas for Self Employed Persons - Taxes
Freelancers and other self-employed entrepreneurs have several tax planning strategies available to them before the year is over. The following strategies can ...
How To File Self-Employment Taxes - Money in Your 20s - About.com
If you are self-employed you need to know how to pay your self-employment taxes. Learn five steps to help you pay your taxes correctly and on time.
Self Employed / Self-Employment Definition
Someone who is self employed is the owner of a business, an individual who earns a living by working for himself/herself and not as an employee of someone  ...
What Are Self-Employment Taxes? How to Calculate Taxes
If you own your own business (not a corporation), you are considered to be self- employed, and you must pay self-employment taxes. These self-employment ...
Self Employment Taxes FAQ - Work at Home Moms - About.com
For those of us who earn self-employment income--either as freelancers or through owning a business--tax time can be especially painful. Self-employment  ...
Self-employment Tax - Wages and Self-Employment Tax
If you are self-employed and also have employment income, here's how Social Security and Medicare taxes are withheld, determined and paid at tax time.
A Guide to Self-Employment Income and Tax Info
Here are answers some of the basic questions contractors and others have about self-employment income, including what the IRS considers self employment ...
Self-Employment Taxes Explained - US Business Law / Taxes
What are Self-employment Taxes? The term "self-employment taxes" describes those taxes that someone who is a business owner must pay. You must pay ...
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