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Reducing Taxable Income With Standard Deduction
Everyone is entitled to reduce their taxable income by utilizing either the standard deduction or by itemizing their deductions. You always want to choose the ...
Preparing Your 1040 - Standard or Itemized Deductions?
Everyone is entitled to reduce their taxable income by tax deductions. You can generally choose between your standard deduction or your itemized deductions,  ...
Itemized Deductions for Form 1040 Schedule A - Tax Planning: U.S.
Itemized deductions refers to a group of tax deductions found on Form 1040 Schedule A. People can claim either the standard deduction or choose to itemize  ...
2009 Tax Figures: Quick Tax Facts - Tax Planning: U.S. - About.com
Overview of key tax figures for 2009. Updated amounts for the standard deduction, filing requirements, personal exemption, phaseout ranges for itemized  ...
Deciding Between Itemizing and Standard Deduction
When it comes to reducing your tax burden, itemizing deductions may be the way to go. The standard deduction is certainly easier, and might be a better option if ...
Quick Tax Facts: Important Tax Figures for 2007 - Tax Planning: U.S.
Overview of key tax figures for 2007. Includes standard deduction, personal exemption, phaseout ranges for itemized deductions, and retirement plan ...
Additional Standard Deduction for Real Estate Property Taxes
Homeowners who don't have enough itemized deductions to exceed their standard deduction are better off using their standard deduction as that will result in ...
Reduce Your Income Taxes by Itemizing Deductions - Tax Time
Each year when you file your income tax return, you have to choose between using the standard deduction (a flat amount) or claiming your actual allowed ...
Which is Better: the Standard Deduction or Itemized Deductions?
Feb 9, 2009 ... Every taxpayer is entitled to a standard deduction. This is a flat dollar amount that reduces your taxable income, thereby resulting in a lower tax ...
Married Filing Separately Status on Tax Returns - Tax Planning: U.S.
Additionally, MFS taxpayers must both claim the standard deduction or must both itemize their deductions. In other words, one MFS taxpayer cannot claim the ...
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