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Federal Income Tax Rates for the Year 2014 - Taxes - About.com
The United States federal government taxes personal income using graduated scale. Income tax rates begin at 10% and gradually increase to 15%, then 25%, ...
Federal Income Tax Rates for the Year 2013 - Taxes - About.com
Find out the federal income tax rates 2013 and rates for other federal taxes. Plus tips for how to utilize your marginal tax rates to help plan your finances.
List of Income Tax Rates for Each State - Taxes - About.com
Ever wonder how your state's income tax rates compare to other states? You'll find some of the highest rates in California, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, and ...
2014 Tax Rates - Money Over 55 - About.com
Here's how to employ smart planning strategies to use 2014 tax rates to your advantage.
Corporate Tax Rates, and Calculating What You Owe
It is common to say that the U.S. corporate tax rate is 35%, but the rate varies from 15% to 35%, depending on the amount of corporate income subject to tax for ...
2014 State Death Tax Exemption and Rate Chart
Below is a chart that lists which states collect state estate taxes and/or state inheritance taxes along with the 2014 exemption and top death tax rate. To view the ...
Which States Have a Flat Income Tax Rate? - Taxes - About.com
A flat income tax system in its purest form is one in which all taxpayers are subject to the same tax rate regardless of their income. This type of tax system is  ...
Federal GST Tax Exemption and Rate: 1997 - 2014 (Table)
The exemption from federal generation skipping transfer taxes has increased over the years while the tax rate has decreased. Here you will find a chart that ...
Marginal Tax Brackets and Income Tax Rates - Taxes - About.com
The United States imposes tax on income using progressive rates. That means that a person's tax liabilities gradually increases as income increases. There are  ...
Short-Term and Long-Term Capital Gains Tax Rates
In addition to the federal capital gains tax rates, your capital gains will also be subject to state income taxes. Many states do not have separate capital gains tax  ...
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