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It's never too late to file back taxes. Learn about the tax laws for filing late tax returns, how to dig up missing tax documents, and how to handle IRS penalties and interest.

Back Taxes: Essentials for Preparing and Filing Late Tax Returns
If you haven't filed your taxes in a few years, you may be wondering what options you have. You may be surprised to learn that filing your tax returns can be the quickest way out of tax trouble. But you need to protect yourself. Here's how.

Time Limit for Reporting Social Security Earnings
Self-employed persons who need to file some missing tax returns will want to pay attention to the time limit for reporting earnings for Social Security purposes.

What if You Don't Have All Your Documents?
Missing some tax documents? Don't worry. Find out how to get copies of your missing information.

Sample Privacy Policy for Tax Clients
Every tax firm has its own privacy policy. You should ask your tax professional for a copy of his or her policy. This is a copy of the privacy policy I give to all my tax clients. It provides important infomration about how the client can protect the confidential nature of his or her tax information.

Tax Information is Private and Confidential
Your tax return information is confidential. The IRS and your tax professional cannot disclose that information to anyone else without your explicit consent. If you find out that the IRS or your tax preparer has disclosed your tax information without your consent, you may bring a civil lawsuit for damages.

IRS Proposed Assessments and Substitute Tax Returns
IRS proposed tax assessments and substitute tax returns can be effectively handled by filing an original tax return. Here's how the IRS Substitute for Return process works, and how you can file your back taxes.

IRS Statute of Limitations: Time Limits to Claim Tax Refunds or to Pay Tax Debts
The tax code imposes time limits on various actions that taxpayers and the IRS can take. There are time limits for getting a tax refund, for the IRS auditing your tax return, and for the IRS collecting your tax.

IRS Tax Penalties & Interest: Late Filing, Late Payment, and Interest Penalties
Penalties and interest are added to any federal tax that is unpaid or paid after the due date. There are two different penalties: one for filing a tax return late, and another for paying tax late. The IRS also assesses interest on late payments as well.

Substitute for Return (SFR) - Tax Glossary
Definition of Substitute for Return: a formal way for the Internal Revenue Service to make an educated guess about how much taxes you might owe.

Back Taxes & Late Tax Filing - How to Solve Your IRS Back Tax Problems
Dear Tax Guide, The IRS sent me a letter demanding that I file my 1999 tax return. I have no records from this year. What should I do? Dear Reader, get a copy of your wage transcript from the IRS, and file a 1040. More tips on dealing with the IRS and filing your back taxes.

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