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Tax Blogs and News

Here's the news and commentary Web sites that I read everyday to help me stay informed about the world of taxes and tax law.

TaxProf Blog
Tax Professor Paul Caron covers every single piece of tax news imaginable. Professor Caron discusses all aspects of tax law: teaching tax law in schools, reporting on court cases, discusses legislation, and commenting on guidance from the IRS. TaxProf Blog is required reading.

Roth & Co. Tax Updates
Joe Kristan comments on tax news and legislative developments with a keen sense of what's practical. Roth & Company is an accounting firm based in Iowa.

Don't Mess With Taxes
Journalist Kay Bell always finds a way to make taxes interesting and relevant to everyday life. Kay Bell is a featured writer on Bankrate.com.

Wandering Tax Pro
Robert Flach writes about federal and New Jersey income taxes peppered with his observations, tips and insights from over thirty years as a practicing tax professional.

TaxMama's TaxQuips
Eva Rosenberg, the Internet's "Tax Mama," hosts a daily podcast answering tax questions. Rosenberg's answers are informative and often humorous, and sometimes she shares tax secrets that only very experienced tax professionals know about.

21st Century Taxation
Discusses tax reform ideas and news. Written by Annette Nellen, a certified public accountant and attorney who teaches at San Jose State University.

Kerry Kerstetter manages to blog every single cartoon related to taxes. He answers complex tax questions, and provides valuable advice on setting up Quickbooks, and getting the most out of a tax professional. Kerstetter specializes in small business tax issues (such as S Corporations, C Corporations, and LLCs), as well as real estate investing and 1031 exchanges.

Tax Lawyer's Blog
Tax attorney and certified public accountant Peter Pappas writes about issues dealing with tax controversies, dealing with the IRS, and handling tax problems.

Tax Foundation
The Tax Foundation is a nonpartisan think tank provides analysis of tax policies at the federal and state level. The Tax Foundation promotes tax policies that are simple and promote economic growth. The Foundation is most known for its "Tax Freedom Day" statistics. Their blog provides commentary on tax policies.

Start Making Sense
Tax professor Daniel Shaviro provides commentary on tax policy and the federal budget. According to Shaviro, his blog provides "unfair but balanced commentary on tax and budget policy, contemporary U.S. politics and culture, and whatever else happens to come up."

Federal Tax News Briefings
A compendium of news reports covering federal and state tax laws from publisher RIA.

Mauled Again
Tax professor James Edward Maule comments on tax laws and the legal education. According to Professor Maule, he provides "more than occasional commentary on tax law, legal education, the First Amendment," and various topics of personal interest.

Journal of Accountancy
In-depth coverage of tax and financial accounting issues. Published by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Docuticker - Taxation Reports
Docuticker collates reports from various government agencies, think tanks, and non-governmental organizations. They have an entire category of their site devoted to reports concerning tax policy and tax administration practices. The site is edited and compiled by librarians Gary Price and Shirl Kennedy.

CCH Tax Briefings
Publisher CCH publishes in-depth analysis of various tax laws that are passed by Congress.

BNA Federal Tax Insights
News and expert commentary on developments in federal income taxation from publisher BNA.

Accounting Web
Daily news about accounting, financial software, financial accounting standards, and taxes.

Better Business Blog
Tax, payroll and accounting tips for small business owners from Steve Trojan, a certified public accountant in Illinois.

Gina's Tax Tips
Gina Gwozdz, a certified public accountant in Amarillo, Texas, blogs about federal and Texas tax issues.

Latest News from the IRS
Find the latest news and information from the Internal Revenue Service.

POLITICO Morning Tax
A round up of the morning's tax news, often looking ahead to the day's or week's scheduled happenings in Washington, D.C.

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