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Find a Tax Preparer

Finding the right tax preparer for you can seem like a daunting challenge. Here are some easy guides to help you find a tax preparer who's right for you, plus helpful tips on working with your tax preparer, how to organize your tax documents, and how to protect yourself from unscrupulous preparers.
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Free Tax Preparation and Tax Problem Resolution Services
A variety of non-profits, universities and even the Internal Revenue Service provides tax preparation assistance and tax problem resolution services to the public for free. A list of programs providing free tax preparation and free tax problem resolution services.

When Do You Need a Tax Attorney?
Tax attorneys are lawyers who specialize in the complex and technical field of tax law. Tax attorneys are best for handling complex, technical, and legal issues.

Secure Ways to Send Tax Documents to Your Accountant
Before sending your tax documents to your certified public accountant, enrolled agent or other tax professional, you'll want to make sure that your documents will be delivered in the most secure and reliable method possible.

Tips for Finding the Right Tax Accountant
Taxpayers of all types can benefit from hiring a tax accountant. But before you spend your hard-earned cash, here's some simple steps you can take to protect yourself, to find the right professional for your situation, and some questions to ask.

How to Find a Tax Preparer
Finding a tax preparer to help you prepare your taxes is easy. Focus on your four basic needs for professional help, and use insider tips for getting the most out of your tax preparer.

Should I Buy "Peace of Mind" or "Gold Guarantee" from a Tax Preparer?
Tax preparers should stand behind their work. Ultimately it's your tax return and you alone will have to pay any additional taxes, penalties, and interest if the IRS finds a mistake on your return. Should you buy audit protection or extended guarantees against your preparer's mistakes?

How to Find an Accountant
Find an accountant to help you prepare your taxes by focusing three basic needs for professional help.

What's a Good Price for Having My Taxes Prepared?
The price for tax preparation services is based entirely on how complex your tax retun is. Find out how different companies price their services, and what some overall price ranges are.

What Documents Do I Need to Bring to my Accountant?
Find out what documents to take with you when meeting with your tax professional. And find out what you can do if you are missing some documents.

How to Find an Accountant
Find an accountant to help you prepare your taxes by focusing three basic needs for professional help.

Should I Use H&R Block or Another Tax Accountant?
Find a tax preparer easily by focusing on what's most important to you. Retail tax firms like H&R Block offer convenience, while an independent accountant may offer more personalized service.

Find a CPA from AccountantsWorld
Search a database of 35,000 CPAs, with full details about the services they provide. Directory provided by AccountantsWorld.com.

Find an Enrolled Agent
You need an Enrolled Agent when you need a tax professional to represent you before the IRS, such as an audit or appeal. Find an EA through the directory from the National Assn of Enrolled Agents.

H&R Block Offices
Find H&R Block offices near your home or work.

Jackson Hewitt Offices
Find a local Jackson Hewitt office. Most offices are independently owned and operated.

Liberty Tax Service Offices
Find a local Liberty Tax Service office. Most offices are independently owned and operated.

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