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The Internal Revenue Service

Resources for contacting the Internal Revenue Service, finding information on the IRS Web site, and how to handle tax audits and owing taxes.

Fake Emails from the IRS are Scams
The IRS never sends out emails to taxpayers. Period. Learn how to protect yourself from scam e-mails. Often called phishing, criminals attempt to use e-mail to trick you into sharing your name, Social Security Number, credit card number, and other private financial information.

Change of Address for Tax Returns
Taxpayers whose addressed has changed should notify the Internal Revenue Service and any state tax agencies of their new address. The tax agencies will then use the new address to send any correspondence relating to tax matters, such as notices, audit letters, and refund checks.

The Internal Revenue Service
The Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.) is the agency that collects tax revenue for the United States federal government. Here's an overview of how the agency functions and resources you may need to deal with the I.R.S.

IRS2Go Smartphone App
Taxpayers can check the status of the federal tax refund, subscribe to IRS tax tips, and follow the IRS's Twitter feed from their iPhone and Android-based smartphone. However, the IRS2Go mobile app may have less security features than the IRS's own Web site.

IRS2Go - Share Your Thoughts about the IRS2Go Smartphone Application
IRS2Go enables taxpayers to check the status of their federal tax refund using their iPhone or Android smartphone. Have you tried this app? What do you think of it? Are you concerned about the security of your personal and financial information?

IRS Scandal Over Targeted Scrutiny of Tax-Exempt Organizations
A directory of primary resources related to the IRS's use of inappropriate criteria to screen applications for tax-exempt status. Links provided to audit report from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration and to Congressional hearings.

Latest News from the Internal Revenue Service
Updates and news releases from the Internal Revenue Service covering tax law changes, filing season statistics, and news about law enforcement actions.

Internal Revenue Bulletin
Collection of official pronouncements from the Internal Revenue Service, published weekly. Available in both html and PDF formatting.

FOIA Electronic Reading Room
A collection of electronic documents about the Internal Revenue Service that are provided under the Freedom of Information Act. Provides links to official guidance published by the I.R.S., training manuals and instructional material used by internal staff, and historical documents relating to the Al Capone investigation.

Online Services on the I.R.S. Web site
A directory of interactive services available on the Internal Revenue Service's Web site.

Track Your Federal Tax Refund
You can find out the status of your federal income tax refund on the I.R.S. Web site. You'll need your SSN, filing status, and dollar amount of your refund to access the system.

Free File Tax Software
The Internal Revenue Service provides links to free, Web-based tax preparation software from third-party providers. Each provider sets its own criteria for who is eligible to use the free software.

IRS e-file
Information about files tax returns electronically with the Internal Revenue Service. Includes links to technical information for data structures and trasmission protocols using by tax software developers.

Internal Revenue Service Official Web Site
IRS.gov is the official Web site of the Internal Revenue Service. There are knock-off Web sites ending in .com and .org domain suffixes, so be sure to use the .gov suffix.

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