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IRA Distributions

Line 15


Line 15: IRA Distributions

  • Gather all your 1099-R statements from each bank, mutual fund, or retirement plan for the year.
  • 1099-R statements report distributions from various retirement plans.
  • Separate 1099-R statements into two piles: those received from your IRA, and those received from your pension or annuity plans.
  • Report your IRA distributions on line 15. Report your pension and annuity distributions on line 16.
  • If you rolled over your IRA, enter the amount you rolled over in line 11a and write the word "Rollover" next to line 11b.
  • Using a calculator, add up all the distribution amounts from box 1 every 1099-R.
  • Put the total figure on Line 11b.
Did you take an early distribution from your IRA?

  • If you withdrew money from your IRA and you were born before July 1, 1933,
  • and you did not rollover that money,
  • then you may owe additional tax on the early distribution.
  • You must read Publication 590 (PDF) to figure the additional tax.
Tax Withholding

Look at boxes 4 and 10 of your 1099-R.

  • Do you have any amounts in these boxes?
  • If yes, remember to include these amounts for your tax withheld.
  • The amount in box 4 is added to your other withholding on Line 39.
  • The amount in box 10 is added to your state tax withholding on your state tax form.

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