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State and local governments require that people file tax returns, just like the federal government. Each state has its own rules for regarding income taxes, property taxes, and sales taxes. Here's some helpful tips and resources about state and local taxes.
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Best and Worst States for Business
This article summarizes the findings of a study that ranked the best and worst states for business, based on state taxes. Find out where your state ranks and where you'll pay the least in state taxes.

Best and Worst States for Property Taxes
The 10 best and the 10 worst states for property taxes. Find out which states have the highest property taxes and which states have the lowest...

Best and Worst States for Sales Taxes
The Tax Foundation has ranked the states with the highest and lowest combined state and local sales taxes as well as major U.S. cities with the highest sales taxes. See how your state compares.

Best States for College Savers
Get the scoop on state tax deductions and credits for 529 plan contributions. Find out which states have the best tax deductions and tax credits for college savers investing in 529 plans.

California State Tax Profile
Find out how much you'll pay in California state taxes; from California income tax, to California property taxes and sales taxes.

California Tax Amnesty
California's Franchise Tax Board is offering tax amnesty for people and businesses who need to report additional income relating to foreign accounts and abusive offshore tax schemes. The amnesty, which is being called the Voluntary Compliance Initiative 2, will run from August 1 through October 31, 2011.

Check the Status of Your State Tax Refund
A list of links to state tax authority websites where you can check the status of your state income tax refund.

City Income Taxes - U.S. Cities That Levy Income Taxes
A listing of cities and localities in the U.S. that have an income tax, including details on city income tax rates and other municipal income tax...

Do I Charge Sales Tax or Not?
Figuring out which sales tax rate to charge your customers, especially out-of-state customers, can be a challenge. Some states base their rates on the origin of the sale, while other states base their rates on the destination of the product. Knowing whether your state is a destination state or an origin state makes a big difference in how you charge sales tax to your customers. Find out whether your state is an origin state or destination state here and what it means for your business.

Do State Millionaire Taxes Drive Out the Rich?
Many states have enacted new tax brackets that target high-income individuals, which are known as "millionaire taxes." It's usually assumed that these taxes cause the wealthy to relocate out of state, but several studies have found that this may not be the case.

Expiration of Bush-Era Tax Cuts Could Increase State Taxes as Well
How would the expiration of the Bush tax cuts affect your state income taxes? See this summary of special report by the Tax Foundation that examines how state taxes could increase (and also decrease) if the Bush-era tax cuts expire.

Florida State Tax Profile
Get the scoop on Florida state taxes including details on Florida property taxes, Florida sales tax rates, and other state taxes in Florida.

Florida: Payment Options for Gulf Oil Spill Victims
Florida has announced that it will consider those affected by the gulf oil spill for certain tax relief options on a case by case basis.

Highest and Lowest Property Taxes by County
Where will you pay the most property taxes? This article discusses the best and worst counties for property taxes. Find out which counties have...

How Long to Keep State Tax Records - Statute of Limitations by State
An explanation of state statutes of limitations for tax purposes. Find out how long you should keep your state tax records and how long the state has to audit your tax return.

How to File A Part-Year State Tax Return - Part-Year State Income Tax Returns
How to File A Part-Year State Tax Return - Part-Year State Income Tax Returns

How to File Your Virginia Income Tax Return
Step by step instructions to filing a Virginia income tax return. Learn how to use the Virginia iFile system to file your Virginia income tax return online and if you should use the Spouse Tax Adjustment worksheet.

Illinois Tax Profile
Details on all Illinois state taxes and Illinois tax rates including information on property taxes, income taxes, and sales taxes.

Major State Tax Initiative Results
A listing of the major state tax initiatives on the ballot on November 2nd and the results of those elections.

Massachusetts - Avoiding Tax Penalties for Lack of Health Insurance
The Massachusetts Health Care Reform Law requires most adults to obtain health insurance that meets minimum coverage standards (known as Minimum Creditable Coverage). Health insurance information must be reported on your Massachusetts personal income tax return. If you don't have insurance, you may have to pay stiff penalties. Find out what you need to supply with your return and how to…

Massachusetts Income Tax
A comprehensive guide to Massachusetts income taxes including tax rates, exemptions, deductions, and credits.

Most Taxing States for Millionaires
A listing of states that have implemented new top income tax rates or surcharges aimed at the wealthy.

New York City Income Tax
New York City is one of the few cities in the U.S. that have a separate personal income tax. Find out New York City income tax rates, tax credits you can use to reduce your New York City income taxes, and how to file and pay your New York City income taxes.

New York City Taxes
A guide to taxes individuals pay in New York City including New York City income tax, New York City property tax, New York city sales tax rates, and other taxes.

New York Income Tax Returns: Most Common Errors
A listing of the most common errors made on New York personal income tax returns that delay processing. Make sure you don't make one of these common mistakes on your New York tax return.

New York Increases Cigarette Tax - Plans to Collect From Tribes
New York has increased their cigarette tax, pushing a pack of cigarettes as high as $14.50 in New York City. The state also plans to collect cigarette taxes from Native American tribes which has been met with stiff opposition from tribal leaders.

New York Personal Income Tax
Details on New York State personal income tax including New York income tax deductions and New York tax credits.

New York State Tax Profile
An overview of all New York state taxes including New York income tax, New York sales tax, and New York property taxes. Get details on New York state taxes and New York state tax rates.

New York State Taxes
A list of articles on New York state taxes. Get the scoop on New York income taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, and taxes in New York City.

New York Tax Law Changes in 2010
The New York State 2010-2011 budget created some new tax laws that affect New York City income tax rates, state sales tax exemptions, and New York income tax deductions for individuals. Find out what these New York tax law changes were and if they affect you.

Part-Year Resident or Nonresident for State Tax Purposes
How to know whether you are a part-year resident or a nonresident for state income tax purposes.

Pennsylvania Individual Income Tax
Refer to this article for information on Pennsylvania income tax, including what income is taxable, income that is exempt, Pennsylvania income tax deductions and credits, and how to file your Pennsylvania income tax return.

Pennsylvania State Taxes
A guide to all Pennsylvania state taxes including Property tax, income tax, and sales tax.

Six States Base Their Income Tax on Federal Taxable Income
Six States Base Their Income Tax on Federal Taxable Income

State Income Tax Changes
Find out what changes have been made to income tax law in your state, including details on state income tax increases and decreases as well as new taxes for 2009, 2010, and 2011.

State Income Tax Rates
Wondering how your state's income tax rates compare to other states? Here you will find each state's highest income tax rate and when the top rates kick in.

State Tax Amnesty Programs in 2011
A list of states offering tax amnesty in 2011. See if your state will hold a tax amnesty program.

State Tax Breaks for Energy
An overview of state tax breaks and incentives for renewables and energy efficiency including home improvements and green construction projects.

State Tax Relief for Military Families
Article on the military spouses residency relief act providing state tax relief for military spouses and families. Refer to this for information on SCRA amendment for state residency and tax relief for military spouses.

State Tax Relief for Nashville Flood Victims
In an effort to help victims of the flooding in the Nashville area, Tennessee lawmakers have passed two new laws that will provide much needed tax relief to flood victims in Middle Tennessee.

State Tax Revenue Increases
A new study found that overall state tax revenues increased in the first quarter of 2010 when compared to the same period in 2009. However, this state revenue increase was largely due to tax rate changes in two states.

State Tax Websites and Refund Status
Want to check the status of your refund? Need a form or contact information for your state tax agency? Find links to each state's tax agency website and refund status checker here.

States Delay Refund Checks
Due to budget shortfalls, some states have delayed sending out tax refund checks. Find out if your state is one of these and when they will have to pay you interest on your late refund.

States Tax Payments to Gulf Coast Victims
Alabama and Mississippi have announced that some BP damage payments resulting from the gulf oil spill are taxable income.

States That Allow Same-Sex Couples to File Joint Returns
Nine states and one city allow same-sex couples to file their tax returns jointly. See if your state is on the list.

States That Base Taxes on Federal AGI
A listing of states that base their income taxes on federal adjusted gross income (AGI). These states use federal AGI as the starting point on their state income tax returns.

States That Exempt Social Security
A listing of states that fully exempt Social Security benefits from income taxes. Find out which states do not tax Social Security.

States That Prohibit City Income Taxes
The IRS, many states, and even some cities have an income tax. However, some states have decided to let their residents keep more of their...

States Without an Income Tax
Seven states have no income tax and two states tax only certain investment income. See this list of states without an income tax and find out where you'll get to keep more of your paycheck.

Tax Reform on the Ballot in Maine
Maine's tax reform law has been petitioned for a people's veto, giving voters a chance to either veto or approve tax reform during the elections on June 8, 2010. What will change if the tax reform law is approved? Before you vote, get all the details on Maine's tax reform law here.

Taxing the Fourth of July
The Texas fireworks tax provides revenue that helps fight fires in rural Texas.

Texas State Tax Profile
A guide to all Texas state taxes for individuals. Get details on Texas property taxes including the appraisal process and property tax exemptions as well as tax rates for sales tax, gas taxes, and cigarette taxes.

The Best States for Retirees
Read this article on the best states for retirees to find out the best most tax-friendly states to retire in.

The iTunes Tax
In order to bring in much needed revenue several states have turned to taxing digital downloads, like iTunes songs, ringtones, and digital movies.

Tips on Responding to State Tax Notices
Seven tips for responding to a tax notice from a state tax agency.

Understand Your State Taxes
Understand how to file your state taxes, and find out about your state's tax rules and provisions.

Washington Tax Amnesty for Businesses
Washington state is holding a tax amnesty program for businesses who have unpaid tax debts. Washington tax amnesty includes Washington state business taxes such as sales tax and B&O tax.

What Is a Flat Tax System?
A flat tax is one income tax rate that everyone pays regardless of their income level. Flat tax systems are becoming increasingly popular around the world and in state government. But, converting to a flat tax affects more than just the income tax rate.

What is Reciprocity for State Income Tax?
The definition of reciprocity or reciprocal agreements as they relate to state income taxes. Reciprocal agreements allow taxpayers to work in one state and live in another while only paying taxes to one state, but they don't cover everything. Find out what else you need to think about.

What is Streamlined Sales Tax?
The streamlined sales tax project is an organization that seeks to simplify sales and use tax law and create a uniform system that all states can follow. Member states sign an agreement and change their sales tax laws to match the uniform rules suggested by the streamlined sales tax project. You can find a list of the member states here.

Where You'll Pay the Most in State and Local Taxes
A list of the five states with the highest overall taxes and the five states with the lowest overall taxes. See which state's residents pay the...

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