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Florida Tax Amnesty


Updated December 01, 2012

Florida has announced a tax amnesty program that they are calling "Florida Tax Amnesty Days."  The program will run from July 1, 2010 to September 30, 2010.  During these three months, taxpayers will be able to pay their overdue taxes with no penalties and reduced interest.

Tax Types Covered by Florida Tax Amnesty

Florida’s amnesty program covers state and local tax debts that were due before July 1, 2010. All tax types administered by the Florida Department of Revenue are eligible, except unemployment tax and Miami-Dade County lake belt fees.

Benefits of Participating in Florida Tax Amnesty Days

Participants in Florida’s amnesty program will have their penalties waived and will pay less interest when they pay their tax liabilities in full. Those who are paying a liability that was previously unknown to the Florida Department of Revenue or who are responding to a Letter of Inquiry, self-audit or self-analysis will receive half of their interest waived. Those who have already received a bill, delinquency, audit, or other assessment from the Department of Revenue, will have one quarter of their interest waived.

Who’s Eligible for Amnesty

To be eligible for Florida’s amnesty program, your tax liability must have been due before July 1, 2010 and:

  • Your liability is not already covered by a settlement or installment payment agreement.
  • You are not under criminal investigation for violating a Florida revenue law.
  • You are not under a pre-trial intervention or diversion program, probation, community control, or in a work camp, jail, state prison, or another correctional system because of a Florida revenue law.

How to Apply

According to Florida's amnesty law (House Bill No. 5801), to receive amnesty you have to complete and sign a Tax Amnesty Agreement.  You also have to file the necessary tax returns, including amended returns, with the Department of Revenue and pay your tax and applicable interest in full by September 30, 2010.

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Source: Florida Department of Revenue

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