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Understand Your State Taxes


Tax rules vary from state to state, making state tax filing slightly more complicated than Federal tax filing. Understanding how your state works will help you file state taxes quickly and easily, while taking advantage of tax deduction opportunities.
  1. How to File State Taxes
  2. Tax Tips by State
  3. State Tax Tips and Tricks
  4. Property Tax
  5. Sales Taxes

How to File State Taxes

Information and advice on how to file your state tax returns.

Tax Tips by State

Each state has unique tax rules. Here are tax tips and tricks for some of the biggest and most complicated tax states.

State Tax Tips and Tricks

A look at which states have the lowest taxes, the best breaks for college savers, or the best sales tax breaks.

Property Tax

Understand property tax and the taxes in your state and local area.

Sales Taxes

Sales taxes vary by state, and some states have no sales tax at all. Find out state-specific sales tax information.

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